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Business planning, whether to critically assess an opportunity or idea, or to raise public or private funding is a daunting prospect. Creating the strategy requires a broad range of capabilities that revolve around the market opportunity, the business model and unique selling proposition to realise that opportunity, the competitive advantages of the business and its corporate structure and, not least, the people in the business who will govern, lead and manage it to success.

At South East BIC, we have successfully developed business models and plans for companies for capital raising activities, including private equity and large government grants. We assist clients articulate a clear business model, we review and coach the client in the preparation of financial projections and investment documentation in order to illustrate the scale of opportunity that exists. This is achieved throughout a process of business modelling, business planning and strategy development.

To start the process of business model development or to create the best ‘investment ready’ business plan, contact us to make an appointment.



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